Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cinnamon Roll Delay

Okay, here's what happened. Busily trying to figure out how many cinnamon rolls I could make in one day, I strained muscles in both my wrist and palm. I'm not sure if it was from rolling the dough or trying to carry hot full-sized sheet pans across the room with one hand. (You can't really change your mind after you pick up a hot pan.)

So I ended up spending a couple of months having physical therapy to heal the strains and learn that I really need to use both hands to carry a sheet pan and not make twisting motions as I move heavy objects. The repetitive motion part is a little harder to avoid.

In the meantime we have continued to make vegan sticky buns for a local outlet, but I haven't been experimenting with my cinnamon rolls much.

However, I have done some work with adding spelt flour to my dough. Amazing. It gives the dough a lightness that it retains even after they cool and begin to stale.

I've also been comparing rolls baked in a muffin pan to those baked in a hotel pan. The muffin pan makes them look more professional, but the hotel pan rolls are fluffier. I think the fluffy version is especially good as a cinnamon roll.

I'm not sure which is better for large scale production. Guess we'll just have to keep tasting.